Spring Trip with Sis and Andy

The second annual spring trip was awe-inspiring

Before we met up in Farmington, NM I spent the night at Angel Peak just south of Bloomfield the campground is free and worth the drive down the gravel road.

Angel Peak

Once we met up we headed for Canyon de Chelly, what an amazing landscape.

Spider Rock

Then on to Navaho National Monument Canyon View campground which will be our home for the next few days. This is a great central location to see all the wonders of the area.

On the trailhead to view the canyon.

Next day onto Oljato-Monument Valley.

Right out of a John Ford movie.

After lunch in Mexican Hat, another drive through Valley of the Gods.

Lady in a Bath.

Grand Canyon the next day. Twenty-three years between visits.

Fires in Flagstaff made a hazy sky, but still magnificent.

Laura and Andy, sis and I are not much for having our picture taken.

I love spending time with my sister we don’t get the chance more than once or twice a year but when we do we explore.

The next day they head back to Denver and I make the trip back to Las Cruces and along the way-

Four Corners National Monument.

I spent the night in Farmington so I could check out the Salmon Ruins this is another must-see especially the guide cat and peacock greeter. This cat stayed with me through my walk around and at the end turned around looked at me as if to say that’s it and went in the bushes.

my guide.

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