Four Cats

When people pass by my MH and see all four fur babies in the front window after the “awe how cute” I get asked about litter.

Three years ago for a different rv, I bought an Omega Paw

we used it in conjunction with a regular litter box, but this was a much larger MH than I have now and it is a little small for my huge orange tabby Sam so when I was getting ready for this adventure I bought an additional Omega Paw only larger



These boxes are so easy to use and clean. They reduce dust and odors, and the cats get a sense of privacy which is of utmost importance to the princess

I keep one on each end of the MH, and all felines are happy, and I get contained litter and easy cleanup.

Also, I will mention here that I am allergic to artificial scent so unscented litter is a must and this is what I use.

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