A Heritage Trip

I recently found information that my birth father Charles F Bruce was buried in Biloxi National Cemetary in Biloxi MS.

So off I went back to the land of humidity.

I found a death notice and where he lived and what I thought was his grave but, someone else was buried there. He had been moved six years after he was buried, as of now I still haven’t found out who moved him or where he is buried.

What makes this strange is my adopted Dad was also moved. A psychiatrist would probably tell me that I married 5 times looking for my daddy, I don’t plan to marry again but I am still looking for my daddy.

So I headed home with a freezer full of Cajun seafood.

Most of the rest of my trip was uneventful till I hit Junction TX and the Junction City Park. I planned on a nap and wound up spending the night.

Llano River

If you can get a spot near this dam sleep is easy.

And it’s free, no hook ups.

To get off I-10 I took the Sheffield Loop exit to Hwy 90 which took me through Marathon, Alpine and Marfa to Van Horn. It is a good highway and very scenic.

Sheffield Loop picnic area
Valentine Texas

From Van Horn to home

Gualdalupe Peak

And more heritage. My grandmother taught school in the late 1920’s on a ranch in Orange NM and would often go down to Salt Flat Cafe and motel for entertainment. My mother had some neat pics of her in front of the motel in her flapper dress, most of the motel part is gone and the cafe is now closed.

Salt Flat Cafe and motel.

One more side trip. Hueco Tanks is a must see archological site. These pics are just a tease till I go back.

cave behind interpretive center
cave drawings
cave drawings.

There was so much destructive graffiti that they now limit the amount of people in the park. You can make reservations at the Texas State Parks website.

Till my next trip.

Pawnee National Grasslands

July 2018

I had to leave Cheyenne; there is no room at the inn during Frontier Days if you haven’t booked it a year in advance.

I also received word that my toad is a total loss, so I have decided to not replace it for now. That means a lot more planning ahead than I had wanted to but this to I shall survive.

The Pawnee National Grasslands has a nice camping area Crow Valley Recreation area has level mostly shaded sites. Very quiet. No hookups, potable water, and a dump station.

Also a farm museum and interpretive center.

I took advantage of it and got some pictures of my newest Crocheted Shawl and Pin. Prairie Autumn.

I enjoyed my stay and now it’s time to move on.


Rapid City and my new home base.

June 2018

I start off this entry with my love for the drive from the Cheyenne Wy to Rapid City SD by way of US 85 to US 26 then up NE29 which is rough in some areas but the only way to Agate Fossil Beds National Monument. And then US 20 to US 385 to SD 79 to bypass US 16 takes you right to Americas Mailbox where I will spend the next week.

I decided to change from my previous mail service which was great and fulfilled my needs at the time because I wanted a new beginning.

I am no longer a citizen of Texas and Americas Mailbox is a one-stop shop for mail, tags and driver license and if you don’t want to do it yourself like I did they will do it for you.

I arrived with no vehicle in tow, the insurance has taken over, and I don’t want to take the MH up to Mount Rushmore or The Badlands so I asked for rental car information and Americas Mailbox made all the arrangements for a reasonable rental car for the week.

Before exploring I became a citizen of South Dakota first the driver’s license.

A word of caution make sure to read the paperwork on how long you have to register your vehicle,90 days,  I didn’t, and it cost me a fine.  The old girl is tagged and titled, and now I can see the sights.

Deadwood and a mighty Storm.

June 2018

Last night was my first hail storm in this motorhome, scary is putting it mildly but the old girl suffered no visible damage.  I was lucky.

It is a short drive to Deadwood SD another must see in the area. A lot of history and gambling in this little town.


The Adams Museum and founders victorian house tour offer a huge gold nugget and more fossils.

You can visit the graves of Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane if you wish to pay admission.

I headed out of town on Alt 14 toward Spearfish SD, and another scenic Black Hills drive entering Spearfish Canyon I was surprised by the tree damage from the storm the night before, the crew working on tree stabilization said a tornado had gone through the canyon, the following picture is the tree top damage.  The local I talked to said you usually could barely see the rock for the trees.

The day was gray, but the drive was still great.

The decision to rent a car for the week was worth it, I usually would not spend the extra money, but no regrets on this leg of my journey.

Tomorrow I head for Devils Tower.

Agate Fossil Beds and Fort Robinson

June 2018

On the way to Rapid City, I stopped at the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument.

Wonderful museum and a nice hike up to the beds. Plenty of RV parking.

Then on up to Harrison NE where they have a very nice city park with 2 spaces with electric and water and showers and restrooms in the park. Donation Box.

Next stop was Fort Robinson State Park by chance. I was on my way and there it was. They have camping, lodging food, and wonderful museums. The Grounds are large so be prepared for a good hike. This area has a wealth of information on Red Cloud one of the most important leaders of the Oglala Lakota from 1868 to 1909.

Next Stop Rapid City SD